La empresa

The company

Lujufuert is a WOODWORK company that was created over 20 years ago to their need of many businesses and individuals to cover all types of construction projects and construction. We have a wide range of products, finishes and services, always supported by qualified experienced professionals in the industry.

The quality and reliability we put into our work, Lujufuert make it a leader in the field of carpentry company, always supported by the high degree of satisfaction and trust placed our customers, which makes us a company in constant growth invest in new technology allowing us to offer solutions in materials and finishes with the best value for money.


Why Us


We have everything you need both technically and professionally to give our customers the highest quality at the most competitive cost. We make a detailed and comprehensive study in advance to avoid losing effort or resources, keeping to the specific needs of each client and eliminating unnecessary costs in order to offer the best value for money.


We are ready to manufacture any product that has to do with wood, offering our customers the flexibility provided by being able to ensure full employment throughout the cycle of the woodwork.

The 20 years of industry experience make Lujufuert is a company able to successfully undertake any project from the smallest household furniture to the most complex hotel project, all through its extensive professional experienced team always supported with the latest technology production.


The high degree of customer satisfaction is our best guarantee when trust in our company. We have faced great woodworking projects inside and outside of Spain meeting the expectations of quality that customers have in our company. .


Our strategic location allows us to tackle any project from the Canary Islands in Spain and in North Africa.